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Day 1 Training
Welcome to Skytek!

To start, please watch the video linked above-

SD, SLA, Expectations

Now that I’ve introduced myself, we will be covering SLAs, our expectations, and your role on the Service Desk in the next part. Please be sure to follow along and answer the question at the end of the video.

Call Script Inbound

Next, I’d like you to review our inbound call script. Please be sure to cover the green text when speaking to a client, and ALWAYS ask the client to close confidential information before starting a remote session. This part of the script is highlighted in red.

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Ticket Creation

Now we’ll cover creating tickets in the Freshworks Service Desk. Again, please be sure to complete the question at the end of the video.

Knowledge Bases

This part will cover the “Solutions” build into our Service Desk, which is our main knowledgebase, and the quickest way to find information you may need while working tickets. While this isn’t covered in the video, please note that search engines, AIs, and the Teams search bar are also very useful knowledge bases to turn to if your primary options don’t have what you need.

Escalation Procedure

HelpDesk and Remote Support tools

Finally for this part of training we will be going over some of the remote support tools we use here at Skytek.

Now, please reach out to your trainer and let them know you have completed this training, and make sure to keep the answers to the questions asked handy.

Day 2 Training
Kaseya Training

This document will provide further instructions on using specific applications, our clients and their specific needs, as well as common issues we see at the desk.

Now that we have covered the basics in the Day 1 Training document, we will be looking at some of the more specific tools we have at our disposal.

To start, please watch the video linked above on Kaseya/VSA. Make sure to complete the question at the end of the video.


Next, we will cover N-Able. This is a similar software to Kaseya, specifically used by AlpineITW.

Partner Portal

Now we are going to look deeper at Partner Portal and some of the more simply application we have for it-




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