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We believe that one of the most important values a company can have is utilizing the right IT support team when a cybersecurity incident occurs.

Is your company protected securely enough to handle an attack on your network?

We want to give you peace of mind in knowing that your business is protected. Skytek will provide; Crisis Management, Media Relations, Cyber Crime Investigation reporting, Local Law Enforcement Liaison and Governance leaders.

Our experts are ready to engage 24/7

Our team is ready to run a forensic analysis after an attack to identify the steps the attacker took to infiltrate the network.
From this we can assess what potential impact this has had on your data. The technology focuses on endpoint security and lateral movement detection. The system is able to check for abnormalities in your network and prevent them from spreading.

Because cyber adversaries use authentic intelligence and big data too.

How Can We Help?

SKYTEK consultants’ skills and experience, combined with proven methodology and technology, allow the team to respond and contain incidents faster and more efficiently resulting in fewer hours incurred with less business interruption and lower costs to you.

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